Happy New Year, Miss Sophie!



miss sophie hat gesagt…

My dear Mr. Pommeroy!

I´m sure this will be a fine year for all of us.

Yours sincerely,
Ms. Sophie

Anonym hat gesagt…

Miss Sophie: Sir Toby!
James: Cheerio, Miss Sophie!
Miss Sophie: Admiral von Schneider!
James: Ad... Must I say it this year, Miss Sophie?
Miss Sophie: Just to please me, James.
James: Just to please you. Very good, yes, yes... Skol!
Miss Sophie: Mr. Pommeroy!
James: Happy New Year, Sophie!
Miss Sophie: And dear Mr. Winterbottom!
James: Well, here we are again, old lovely...


albert hat gesagt…

hey björn, wünsche dir frohes neues jahr. albert