Hey Mama!

Today (11/6/2006) I wanna celebrate the 30st birthday of a great musician and a real rocker: Timberton B., founder and frontman of the legendary Boston-Cherrytree-Massacre! More than a decade ago Timberton decided to leave the path towards a career as a major league baseball-player and he started his life as the (THE!) renewer of oldschool ska and raggamuffin music. One of his first songs recorded suddenly turned to be an airplay-hit played by almost all pirate-radio-stations throughout this planet: The famous cover of The Beatles' "Let it be" as an accoustic reggae-ballad (also known as 'Lady Tabea').
When Timberton came to Germany in the late 90ies of the last century he released his personal tribute to the king of rock'n'roll, the rocksteady-mix of 'muss i denn zum städele hinaus' which was a number one hit in Kingston during the carnival of 1999.

Although Timberton puts all his power and work into music, he never forgot his love for baseball. That's why he did a great work for germany's baseballers with promoting their game during his tour through this country.
I'm so proud to call you one of my best friends, Timberton! I learned so much from you (besides playing the guitar in the cool way)! And I hope, we'll see each other soon and some day you gotta take me out to the ballgame again, dude!
Happy birthday, big up, love and respect!
Stay rebel!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi there!

Well, what should I say? Maybe "Thanx!" in the first place...?

Those where the days my friend, we thought they'd never end back there in good ole Benz-Town where we used to entertain the whole wide... well, actually, the both of us!
And even though there are now bivehunderedamialasa between us, we still share the memories of those wonderful days.

And, well, U know, Baseball ain't just a game, it's more like a philosophy... it's a lifestyle!!!

So far!